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Christmas marketingThis time of year provides the ideal theme to add a bit of fun and festivity to your marketing efforts to help get your brand noticed and grow your customer-base. But the Christmas countdown can also be a stressful time for business owners, so what could be better than checking out other successful Christmas marketing campaigns that just happen to be really awesome too!

3 Awesome Christmas Marketing Campaigns

1. Elf Yourself

It seems as though everyone has heard of (and even been the recipient of) Elf Yourself. OfficeMax released this application in 2006 and here at Kwik Kopy – we’re big fans.  You see the campaign continues to enjoy popularity right around the world and to be able to keep the momentum going year after year is really something to admire. Everyone seems to love getting into the spirit of things – cropping the heads of friends and colleagues onto an elf who then dances around to the beat? Who could forget the video of Obama and Romney getting Elfed? If you’ve forgotten – then check it out for yourself.


2. eBay: Give a Toy Store

eBay has long been considered the undisputed king of eCommerce and online shopping so it comes as no surprise when they produce a genius Christmas campaign. Their Give a Toy campaign saw eBay create a virtual store in New York and San Francisco using QR codes that people could scan with their mobile phones and donate the toy you had chosen to a kid. This is a Christmas marketing campaign that we love because the rollout was absolutely seamless and most of all, it was quite simply a great idea!

3. Google +: Wallace & Gromit

Google brought together the characters from the classic animation TV series Wallace and Gromit for a Google + hangout. The idea was to create a nostalgic and heart warming festive ad for the social networking app.  Google+ Hangout supports a multi-person video chat with up to 10 screens so the popular Aardman characters demonstrate a scene where the whole family gets to open their presents together even though they are all in different locations.  It’s a great example of a seasonal Marketing Campaign which (in this case) plays on the values of Christmas. Take a look for yourself…

Need more Christmas inspiration? Check out these inspiring Christmas adverts.

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