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Best Logo Trends for 2017

An effective logo design can instantly capture the attention of your target market as well as convey the message of what your brand stands for. If your branding isn’t quite hitting the mark then it might be time for a brand refresh – starting with your company logo. To help get things started, look out for these top trends in logo designs this year.

5 Logo Design Trends for 2017

  1. Minimalism

Less continues to be more in 2017 when it comes to logo design. After all, the whole purpose of your logo should be to let your customers know exactly what you do. Often the simplest of designs that are the most effective when it comes to catching the eye of your target audience.


Logo by Design Studio

  1. Line Art

A popular logo design style amongst businesses wishing to be perceived as fun and modern is line art. It’s a simple, laid back design that includes a single line often accompanied by graphic art. We expect 2017 to be the year designers look for creative ways to incorporate negative spacing into their line art logo creations.


Logo by April Scarduzio

  1. Negative Spaces

A logo design trend that shows no sign of slowing down this year is the use of negative space (i.e. the space that surrounds an object in an image). Take a look at the iconic World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo that brilliantly uses negative space to create the form of the panda’s head and back.



Logo by Landor

  1. Hand Drawn

Also following on from their popularity in 2016, expect to see the rise of hand-drawn logo design. Hand drawn graphics have been particularly popular in the food and drink industry and this style of logo design oozes warmth, personality and credibility.  Expect 2017 to see this trend taken a step further with an increased use of colour of tone.


Logo by James Oconnell

  1. Moving Parts

Last but by no means least, is a trend that we’re really excited about for 2017. Expect this year to see the development of branding that brings in both logo design variation in printed materials as well as web-based animated GIFs, such as this example below:




·         Your company logo should work in print and digital formats

·         Your company logo should look good in big and small scales

For a logo design that conveys your brand message and creates a lasting impression for your business, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today.

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