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Christmas cardsChristmas cards put a smile on everyone’s face – sometimes even before the envelope is opened. Hearing from someone much loved, however distant, is always enjoyable. As is knowing you’re among a select group of people that occupy someone’s thoughts. With this in mind, what better way to make someone feel really special than to send them a personalised Christmas card?
Here are some tips on how you can truly personalise your cards this Christmas.

A stunning, customised design.
At Kwik Kopy, our expert team of graphic designers can create a completely customised design for the front of your Christmas cards – the only limit is your imagination! Whether for work or play, personalising the front of your Christmas card is the best way to make an impact.
For businesses, you can tailor your personalised Christmas card to your target market by using imagery which may specifically appeal to them. Rather than showing them a generic design with broad appeal, a custom design can signify the good relationship between your business and your clientele. Most importantly, personalised Christmas cards allow for strategically placed logos, and even subtle advertising with a Christmas feel.

If you are a business that specialises in design and creation of some sort, sending personalised Christmas cards is the ideal way to show yourself off. Placing your own custom design on the front of a personalised Chrstimas card allows you to gratuitously deliver your best work into hundreds of hands, but unlike advertising, they’ll be pleased to find it in the mail.

The message inside.
Of course, if you wished, you could send the same stock-standard message to everyone: friends, business associates, family etc. But that would defeat the purpose of printing personalised Christmas cards. Instead, you might get half the message printed and hand-write the rest: a general opening or closing sentence, which will still be your own – complemented by a personal message for each special recipient. If you’re a creative Christmas-card-sender, you can even print a generic message for everyone, leaving gaps for inserting unique adjectives, memories and phrases for each of your friends.

For businesses, personalised Christmas card printing is ideal for replicating your logo and/or slogan on the inside, leaving flexibility for different messages for each customer or client. You might even choose to provide a brief update of the company, or your goals for the year ahead and how they relate to each customer – but remember, your tone should be warm, colloquial and in 100% holiday mode.

Whether corporate or personal, the effect of a personalised Christmas card is the same. You haven’t just gone out and bought a packet of generic Christmas cards from the supermarket, you’ve invested extra time and effort to create a positively unique, personalised Christmas card.

For more tailored and expert guidance on all your printing needs this Christmas, visit your nearest Kwik Kopy centre.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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