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writing a message in a christmas card next to christmas presentsSending season’s greetings to valued customers, suppliers and other contacts at this time of year is an important gesture for any business. It shows people that you value their loyalty, helps build stronger relationships and promotes your brand at the same time.
Christmas eCards and printed Christmas cards are both equally effective for spreading your festive message. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is right for your business.

3 Pros of Printed Christmas Cards

1. Personalised

You can include a handwritten, personalised message inside a printed Christmas card to help you make a direct connection with your recipient.

2. Tangible

A printed Christmas card is tangible and has a certain charm. Your customers, suppliers and other associates will enjoy receiving an envelope and finding a nice card and festive greeting inside.

3. Memorable

A well-designed branded printed Christmas card can be a more lasting reminder throughout the holiday season and beyond – keeping you top of mind and giving your business a competitive edge.

3 Pros of Christmas eCards

1. Saves you time

Most businesses are frantic in the lead up to the holiday season and sending a Christmas eCard can save you valuable time. Just a push of a button and your festive greeting is sent.

2. Cost-effective

An eCard means you save money on physical materials as well as the cost of postage too, making it a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional printed Christmas card.

3. Let’s you track results

Any gesture you make as a business needs to give you some sort of return and your eCard lets you collect valuable analytics about who is engaging with your business.

red christmas card on wooden table

Busting the myth that paper is bad for the environment

There are plenty of myths about paper and its use, but did you know that paper is actually one of the most recycled products around the globe?

Paper is made from wood, a natural and renewable material. As young trees grow they play an important role in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Here in Australia, our planted forests are managed to high world standards to ensure their sustainable future.

‘One of the best ways to address climate change is to use more wood, not less. Wood is simply the most abundant, biodegradable and renewable material on the planet.’ – Patrick Moore, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd, and co-founder and former director of Greenpeace

If you have recipients or it’s your business who feels there is something special about sending and receiving a printed Christmas card then you may want to continue this tradition.

For quality printed Christmas cards or Christmas eCards that help promote your business and spread some festive cheer, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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