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opening direct mail envelopeDirect mail continues to be very effective, especially when you want to build trust and stand out from the competition. It’s the perfect complement to your online marketing efforts, while helping you cut through all the online clutter to reach your target audience and position your brand in the best possible way.

6 Tips for a Direct Mailing Campaign that Works

1. Know your audience

The first step to planning a successful direct mailing campaign is understanding the audience you’re targeting. Developing buying personas for your business helps you build a picture of your customers and what they’re looking for. Think about customer demographics, buying and behaviour patterns, motivations, goals and the type of things they need you to solve.

2. Tailor your offer

Building a picture of who your audience is and what they’re looking for will help you tailor your promotional campaign. From a new product or service to fresh advice or insights, make sure that every time you reach out to your audience it is with an offer that meets their needs. Variable data printing will also let you further target your message to each individual.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Direct mail should grab readers attention as soon as they find it in their mailbox. From the text and graphics you use, headlines, fun taglines, coloured envelopes and creative packaging, there are plenty of ways to get your recipients interested with a direct marketing piece unique to your business.

4. Get to the point

Key to building trust with your targets is showing that they’re not wasting their time reading your direct mail offer. Get straight to the point with an offer your recipients won’t want to refuse. Direct mail campaigns that work always include a call to action, so make it clear exactly what you want people to do once they receive your offer.

5. Be quick to respond

To maximise the impact of your direct mail campaigns, you need to be ready to connect with your customer. Schedule in the all-important follow up to increase your chances of converting and if a customer makes the first move, make sure you respond to the lead quickly.*

*Fast fact
According to research, making contact with a prospect within five minutes of receiving a lead makes it 21 times more likely that they will qualify compared to responding 30 minutes later.
Source: The Lead Response Management Study

6. Measure results

We can’t stress enough the importance of monitoring every promotional campaign to measure your results! Identify specific and measurable goals and make sure your direct mail can be tracked with ease by including a campaign-specific URL as your call to action, or a unique coupon code you can monitor or a dedicated phone number so that you can measure just how many calls you generate.

CASE STUDY – Google Adwords breaks into Japan with Direct Mailing campaign

Google Adwords Direct Mail Lock Box

To successfully break into the Japanese market, Google was faced with the challenge of how they could cut through the competition and demonstrate the effectiveness and uniqueness of Adwords, in particular for sales to SMEs. The solution was to implement a direct mail campaign in order to gain trust in the Japanese market. Here’s how they did it…

• Padlocked boxes with the message ‘Find the Key to Business Success with Google’ was mailed to 1000 prospects.
• Participants search online for a code and are exposed to AdWords and Google’s advertising solutions.
• Once the code was retrieved and the box opened, recipients found a fan and a scroll which are symbols of prosperity in Japan.
• 95% engagement
• ROI 90:1
Case study and image source:

For impactful direct mail campaigns that increase engagement and gain the trust of your customers and prospects, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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