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Over recent years, Facebook and Google have been very successful in convincing brands that the most effective way to reach their target audience is to invest their marketing dollars on digital platforms. But in spite of convincing their customers to go digital, these brands together with others such as Apple, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Uber and other tech giants have been turning to print.

We don’t expect digital to slow down anytime soon but even Google by its own admission recognises that 56% of digital advertisements are not seen. As such Google and its fellow tech companies know that print communications are an essential part of the marketing mix to capture the attention of their audiences and ensure strong brand equity. Add an aspect of personalisation into your print marketing, and you’re likely to see even better engagement with your customers.

Print Case Study: Facebook Print Campaign

When Facebook was experiencing challenges communicating the company mission, history and values to new employees they chose to put together a ‘little red book’. This tangible print collateral was filled with captivating images and ideas to effectively tell the Facebook story and make an impression with new employees that group chats and emails were unable to achieve.

Facebook little red book











Posters have also been an effective channel for Facebook used effectively in their 2015 branding campaign promoting the power of friendship. The posters together with press and TV ads were launched effectively across the US, Canada and the UK. Meanwhile, large format proved effective in their UK promotional campaign spreading the word on outdoor posters and the London Underground.












Power of personalisation

If you want to create greater brand engagement and sales for your business, then it’s important to take time to learn what your target market wants and when they want it. Presonalising your marketing using variable data printing allows you to provide the targeted one-to-one communications that your customers and prospects crave.

Print Case Study: Myer Direct Mail Campaign

Valentine’s Day provides a unique opportunity for retailers to send a special message to loyal customers. Myer took up this opportunity by sending customers a special offer via direct mail.

Myer designed a personalised direct mail postcard for 100,000 members across four different segments, using Valentine’s Day treat imagery to increase impact. The postcard read: “Valentine’s Day is a time for giving – that’s why we’re giving you a little something special. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer.” Each recipient was offered a $10 Myer voucher that was to be redeemed within the following week.

Myer Direct Mail








The campaign had a 75% redemption rate and proved to be highly successful for Myer, with each customer spending between $10 and $89 per visit. The campaign shows that recognising customers and offering personalised, thoughtful incentives pay off. Using intelligent targeting to offer relevant promotions via direct mail is a simple, yet effective strategy.


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