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Promotions_on_a_fixed_budgetThe most common question that people ask when planning a branded promotion is ‘What is the return on investment?’

In most cases the final answer will be a sales target. Initially you might just want to drive awareness of your business and your current offers, though you’ll eventually want to know the cost per acquisition of new customers and the cost per retention of existing customers.

A good method for getting results on a tight budget is to focus on one or two types of high-impact items, rather than a whole spread of promotional ideas and promotional products. It’s better to have one great message than an average selection.

Promotions in Cafes, Stores or Events

Choose one or two high-quality, durable display items that can be reused frequently by your own business or your business partners to attract interest.

If you want to give something away to prospective customers too, offer something remarkable rather than generic and make it a bit exclusive. Remember that the thought counts a lot more than the monetary value.

Direct Promotions

Run a tightly targeted campaign that is first aimed at your strongest sales leads or most loyal staff and business partners. If possible, make each promotion personalised and, again, make the promotion a bit exclusive to increase the perceived value.

If you really want to reach as many people as possible, choose something you can deliver easily and affordably. Plus, of course, the concept needs to be relevant, desirable and useful.

For example, Kwik Kopy recently ran a photo booth at a marketing industry forum as part of its stand. Prospective clients were offered an Andy Warhol inspired photo treatment. The images were quickly converted into a pop art style; printed on transfers and ironed on to inexpensive cotton t-shirts. Each item was low cost, but the value to the recipient was massive because the gift was highly personalised. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of fast and affordable print services to put your brand and a personalised message onto gift packaging.

You might like to select individual gifts for your best customers and business partners or source a high-value/low-cost product that has broad appeal for as many of your customers as possible. For example, wine for your most loyal people and lollies or cupcakes for the next tier of great customers.

Start by considering the volume of sales your business needs to attract to make a promotion worthwhile.  Working with a company such as Kwik Kopy can help you refine your campaign and work within your budget.  You want to create something memorable whether it’s a promotional item that is part of a high-value direct marketing piece or a promotion at an exhibition.

Personalised gifts can show how much you think about your clients. They will have a much higher value if you can express your passion for a shared interest as well as share a sentiment. You don’t want it to appear as if you have thought nothing about them. Everyone has received something that feels like it was chosen at random. You really need to know your audience and understand what will appeal to them.

Contact the team at Kwik Kopy to discuss promotional products for your business.  Take a look at some of the great promotional products we offer. 

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