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Mobile phoneIn the shadow of Facebook’s reach and influence, it can be easy to overlook the benefits of alternative social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. With a different set of strengths and tools available on each platform, your business could be missing out on new opportunities to attract audiences on LinkedIn and Instagram. Learn to leverage the potential of LinkedIn and Instagram with our guide to growing your brand’s awareness across both platforms.

What’s the difference anyway?

With the range of social apps and websites available, it’s rare to find a business that has mastered the subtleties of each platform. Social media platforms can be distinguished by the predominant type of content on the channel, the audience it attracts and opportunities for paid advertising. Facebook is a platform to share photos, events and general updates for followers that have liked your page, but there are key differences across Instagram and LinkedIn:

  • Instagram exists to capture moments. Users on Instagram want to be inspired by photos or short videos and will primarily use the app to engage with profiles rather than source information. With little purpose apart from engagement, it makes Instagram a popular and effective space to build brand popularity.
  • LinkedIn is designed for professional purposes with users showcasing their job experience or portfolio. With endorsement features, job titles and professional updates on LinkedIn, the content is primarily business-oriented and is most useful when forming new connections or industry partners.

There’s no mandate to have your business splattered across every social media channel – it’s more worthwhile to identify the right channel to reach your audience with quality content to maximise the return on the time and money invested.

LinkedIn for my business

LinkedIn is an effective channel to utilise for businesses seeking industry leads or contacts. The purpose of using LinkedIn should be to build your connections and networks to enjoy more chances to expand your potential supplier and customer base. Keeping a visible track of your connections will give you the chance to leverage existing relationships.

LinkedIn also gives your business a professional presence – whether the aim is to aid recruitment, sales or to simply earn greater trust with prospective clients, your LinkedIn profile will help promote your brand’s awareness.

On LinkedIn’s professional platform, the types of content you share can also go a long way in positioning your business as an industry thought leader. Make it a priority to regularly share content that is relevant to your industry. Ensure your company’s page is front-of-mind by frequently sharing content, statistics and articles with your connections. Be fresh, daring and engage with the need and desires of your network rather than investing in repeated sales pitches.

Here are some more tips to remember when investing in LinkedIn:

1. Invest in the visual assets of your profile: From the header image to the quality of images attached to each post, visual tools of communication make a statement about your quality of work and professionalism. Make a striking first impression with eye-grabbing visual assets.


2. Join groups and communities: Remain relevant across mutual industries by joining or creating groups where your business can provide genuine value and advice. The more involved you are in a group, the better placed your business is to get recognised as a source of authority.

3. Avoid the boring sales pitch: The description text is not the space to for a hard sell so aim to show off your company culture in the LinkedIn description. Showcase your business with up-to-date examples of your best work, product improvements and new services.

4. Invite interest: Always channel interest in your business and its products/service by including a clear link to your website on your description.

5. Be specific: Utilise the advertising tools available on LinkedIn by targeting individuals by industry or position.

Instagram for my business

Instagram is expanding to follow the footsteps of its parent company, Facebook. The image-sharing platform is quickly outpacing Snapchat, the photo sharing app that initially dominated the space. Instagram now boasts over 700 million monthly active users – 60% of people that use Instagram say they discover new products on the platform, so for brands that can engage users, the opportunities are endless.

Here are some tips to grow your brand’s reach and awareness on Instagram:

1. Set clear goals: Before jumping into Instagram marketing, let your goals determine the pace of your strategy. The goal will influence the type of content you serve to your followers and ensure your strategy has a clear direction– ask your stakeholders is the aim to generate leads, promote your company’s culture, share information about your product or become a portal for FAQs and customer enquiries?

2. Prioritise your visual assets: Instagram is a visual-first platform where posts and adverts are evaluated according to the strength of their visual storytelling and assets. Make it a priority to share fresh and quality content that tells your brand narrative. Include logos or products naturally when it makes the most sense to do so but also ensure when interested users click through to the website on your profile, the look and feel of your brand is consistently communicated across all your assets.

Need a refresh of your logo, website or digital assets? Send an enquiry for web and digital services, at your local Kwik Kopy today.

3. Post frequently and consistently: On Instagram, less is not necessarily more – a recent study on the app’s usage found no correlation between higher frequency and lower engagement. Instagram’s users have a clear appetite for content so share content consistently and frequently to keep the momentum building. When the opportunity presents itself, reward your followers with exclusive information about events or new products.

4. Leverage benefits of a business account: Signing up as a business account on Instagram gives you access to analytics and insight into your followers and audience. Business accounts must be attached to a Facebook business page but it provides the opportunity to promote posts and include business hours, location details, phone numbers and call to actions on your profile.

5. Utilise extra features: Instagram’s new Stories feature is a direct threat to Snapchat’s popularity. The new feature displays stories at the top of a news feed and gives your brand the space to share refreshed content without committing to the longevity of a post. Stories can help users feel connected to your brand more deeply. Other features such as the location tag and relevant hashtags can help your business become easily discoverable by audiences in the area or interested in similar products.


6. Interact with your followers and other accounts: On Instagram, your posts become part of an ecosystem of visually inspiring content. Accounts that interact with other brands can leverage their popularity and influence to expand its reach. Never pass up an opportunity to respond and interact with followers who may respond to a comment on your post.

Ensure your business is best placed for growth and success with quality visual assets on the right social media channel. Get in touch with your local Kwik Kopy branch to discover opportunities to improve your visual assets online or offline.


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