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like comment shareA social media publishing is a must for any business and with a bit of forward planning you can make the whole process less stressful. Here are a few tips to help make publishing on social media as easy as possible.

4 Ways to Build an Effective Social Media Publishing Schedule

  1. Create an Editorial Calendar

Creating an editorial or content marketing calendar that contains exactly what posts you plan to schedule each week throughout the year is a great way to kick start social media efforts for your business. This way you get to think ahead about what type of content you want to put out there, see all your planned upcoming posts at a glance and even spot any inconsistencies or double-ups in your schedule.

  1. Write a Social Media Policy

Responding on social media can be as important as the content you publish, so you need to have a clear company social media policy that keeps your entire team on the same page. Establish clear guidelines about how every social media conversation that involves your business and brand is handled. Decide who is responsible for answering any feedback or enquiries you might get via social media, whether it’s a customer complaint, a product enquiry or great feedback.

  1. Allocate Resources

For a steady stream of social media posts you will need to establish a process for both content research and creation. Also decide who will be responsible for both sourcing relevant content and scheduling your posts. Whether you decide one person will manage the entire process or you want contributions from your various teams including sales and IT gurus, you need to let everyone in the company know your expectations so that all planned social media publishing deadlines can be met.

  1. Decide on your Content for your Social Media Publishing

Choose a wide selection of content types that add value to your target audience and think about the topics or themes you could use throughout the week to start building a following and audience anticipation. Throwback Thursday themes work well as do light-hearted messages or fun images posted on Fridays. Don’t forget to weave in a few seasonal or festive social media posts as the calendar year dictate and take time to celebrate achievements, anniversaries and company milestones too.

For helping making the most of social media for your business, speak to the web & digital team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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