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marketingcampaign mainThese days marketers are flooded with choices about how and where to promote their businesses. With traditional offline methods, mobile marketing, responsive websites, social media, video marketing and email marketing – to name just a few – it’s easy to see why it can feel overwhelming to create an effective marketing campaign.

But the good news is that with just a few steps you can maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign

1. Know Your Audience

First and foremost you need to have a clear idea about exactly who you are marketing to (and we don’t just mean age range and location). The more specific information you have the better. Know who your targets are, what they like and how they prefer to communicate.

2. Be Ruthless

You don’t have to be everywhere – but you do need to be where your audience is! Don’t be shy about rejecting marketing platforms. Do your research and reject the platforms that don’t fit your brand (or your targets!).

3. Be Consistent

Creating a consistent visual identity should be a top priority and this means more than just your logo. Every aspect of your brand should have a common design. People should be able to look at a handful of materials, ads or website pages and see straight away that they all belong to the same company.

4. Have a Strong Message

Make sure every element of your campaign is designed to drive traffic to your ultimate campaign goal. If the goal is the get people to the website, then don’t confuse your audience by also including links to your Twitter account. Stay on message.

5. Track Your Results

Always, always, always track your campaign. It might seem like an unnecessary item on your to-do list once the campaign is over, but every little bit of information you glean through your analytics helps you build a stronger campaign next time.

For help creating effective marketing campaigns that gets results for your business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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