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woman on the phone following up customersDirect mail marketing can be a fantastic way to attract new customers to your business, or to entice old customers to make another purchase. But the key to a truly successful direct mail campaign is to remember that it doesn’t all end once you’ve sent it out. Following up with these techniques will help give your direct mail promotions the boost you need.

4 ways to follow up your direct mail campaigns

1. Phone Calls

One of the best ways to turn a lukewarm lead into a hot lead is to follow up with a phone call after your mail-out has been sent, customers will not only be reminded of your business but also feel that you are invested in them. Just a quick call to discuss the deals on offer or to see if they have any questions about the campaign is enough to build a connection. The more charming and engaging you are, the more likely your customer is to remember you when it’s time to make a purchase.

2. Social Media

Social media gives companies a new way to engage with customers in a really personal and immediate way. Once you’ve sent out your campaign, head on over to your social media platforms to keep engagement high. Remind your customers of the main messages of the campaign and see if they have any questions or want to discuss things in detail. The more you remind your audience of the message, the more likely they are to engage with the materials they find at their door.

google analytics to check campaign progress

3. Analytics

People mistakenly think that direct mail campaigns aren’t trackable in the same way that emails are, but the truth is there are lots of ways to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Creating a special landing page for customers who receive the mailout for example, or receiving incoming calls on a different line, are great ways to track your campaign to see what’s working well, and what might need some tweaking.

4. Next Phase Mail-out

Another great way to follow up your campaign is to send out a second stage offer a week or two after sending out the first. This could be in the form of an EDM or even another mailer. Use the information you’ve gathered while connecting with customers, or from reviewing your analytics to tweak the campaign for better results. Alternatively, you can let prospects know how many deals have been accepted since the last campaign was sent, encouraging your audience to take action on the offer.

For help creating a direct mail campaign with impact, contact the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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