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Do the words ‘online event’ make you groan? Do you picture long boring webinars, freezing intermittently, or cutting in and out? With sound delays, colleagues talking over the top of one another, or the sound cutting out altogether? If any of these sounds familiar then you’re not alone!

For many business owners, just the thought of taking their conference or event online is a virtual nightmare. The great news is that 2020 has become the ‘game-changing’ year, when it comes to hosting events online. Whether you call it a webinar, online conference or virtual event, the objective is the same as an in-person event. 

Your attendees must feel like they have received huge value and their expectations were exceeded.

What are some of the benefits of choosing an online event vs an in-person one? 

Lower Cost

Online means fewer overheads. No venue, staff, or catering to budget for.

More Time

Hours usually spent finding the perfect location, organising menus and drafting health and safety documents, can now be redirected into creating your awesome online event. 

Wider Audience

Online means no expensive airfares, accommodation and scheduling challenges that often prevent people from attending live events. 

Exponential Growth

Virtual events give your business the opportunity to expand awareness and engage with audiences they might not usually attract. With each new registration comes contact details to grow your database.

Once you have decided on the type and size of your event, it’s time to ensure your audience is excited to be part of it.

  • Promotion – Identify and consistently promote through the best channels for reaching your target audience 
  • Establish a simple and easy registration process
  • Choose the right technology to best meet your event requirements. Some tools prioritise event-goer participation or integrate with Facebook and YouTube
  • Optimise interactivity and networking opportunities via comments, chat sections and Q&A. This allows the opportunity to engage and discuss in real time. Consider tools to track audience interest and engagement
  • Secure a great host and inspiring speakers
  • Include a wide variety of content, interactional, educational, and interesting. Make storytelling at the heart of your content!
  • Refine your presentation skills. Working a live audience is vastly different to engaging your digital guests
  • Test your equipment including audio and visual quality and internet connection more than once, prior to the event
  • Reward your attendees with virtual goodie bags, downloads, industry credits or discounts
  • Follow Up afterwards, thank your audience and encourage feedback. Highly-engaged attendees can receive a more personal touch. Include links to remind them how much value they received

Hosting an online event lets you continue adding value to people long after the event is ‘over’. 

Recording your conference will create valuable intellectual property you can share freely or offer specific sessions as gated assets to drive more leads. 

Ready to get started? 

Contact your local Kwik Kopy to help take your online event to the next level.

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