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Postcards for your businessWhen you think of postcards what do you think of? Holidays? Travelling? Long-distance friends or family? Or do you think of work…?

For most people the concept of work and postcards don’t go well together but for businesses, postcards are becoming a marketing staple. When you consider the humble postcard’s versatility it’s not hard to see why –

  • Firstly the picture quality is incredibly high and paper options are vast
  • The size is conveniently small yet large enough to convey images and text effectively
  • The size is also small enough to post which is increasingly important with postage costs on the rise
  • The medium is suited to convey a range of messages for a range of events

Promotions, Invitations & Thankyou Cards

Putting on a corporate or in-store event? Postcards are a must! As mentioned earlier, the image and finish quality associated with postcards can help create professional and appealing invitations. While the event is in full swing, postcards can help promote new products or services in an engaging format. Furthermore, reconnecting with people who attended an event or thanking them on the night with customisable postcards can reaffirm your connection and create business loyalty.

Portfolios & Mail Outs

Postcards are a great way to enhance the creative appeal of portfolios and mail outs for a range of businesses from real estates to art galleries. Again, it’s the finish quality that postcards offer that can help present full-colour and engaging visuals. Kwik Kopy can even utilise variable data printing, meaning you can personalise postcards to cater to individual customers. This is a great option for mail outs, making a personal connection and staying out of the dreaded pile of junk mail.

Reconnecting With Customers

It’s a hard truth of many growing businesses that sometimes you lose touch with important customers or partners. Postcards can help reconnect with or update existing customers on any developments within the business. A change of business location, a new product line or simply a hello are all worthy messages that can be conveyed through an effective personalised postcard.

Postcards may be something you already do or a channel you have never even thought of, either way Kwik Kopy can help! Get creative with our team and let us help you engage your customers and grow your business.

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