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There’s much more to events than decorations & catering. Using printed material effectively can go a long way to making your next event a business success!

Planning an in-store event can be a daunting process. There’s a lot to organise and often there are key business objectives that might be riding on the success of a single function. This blog will list some key printed products to consider when planning your next in-store event.

Invitations Using printed material for instore event

It might seem simple but it’s amazing how many people forget about invitations for their event and end up relying on email, word-of-mouth or frantic phone calls as the deadline comes closer. Printed invitations are a great way to create a buzz around your event and convey the overall feel the function will take ie: celebratory, informational or social.


Depending on your event, posters can fulfil a variety of purposes. They may be used to promote a public event and drive ticket sales or attendances or they may even be used to promote new products or services within the event itself. At Kwik Kopy we offer fully customisable poster printing and design services to suit any client or purpose.

Business Cards

Even if your event isn’t specifically based around a business objective it is always a good idea to have plenty of business cards on hand. You never know where you next business lead is coming from and business cards are a great way to promote your work without ‘talking shop’ all night.


Many businesses choose to hold in-store events to launch new products or services. Brochures are a great way to convey extensive information in an engaging manner. Brochures are also extremely customisable from layout to content itself so talk to us today about how you can make brochures work for your event.

How to use printed material to make your instore event a successThankyou Cards

Touching base after a business event is crucial in capitalising on the success of any in-store function. Thankyou Cards are also less invasive than a phone call and more personable than an email. Customise your Thankyou Cards with Kwik Kopy to convey your business message and capitalise on any leads that may have been generated from your event.

Hosting a successful in-store function goes well beyond fancy decorations and catering. Taking the time to ensure your event is supported by effective printed material can go a long way to helping your function be a business success. Chat to Kwik Kopy today about how printed material can compliment your next in-store event.

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