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InfographicThese days, customers are getting hit with an increasing number of advertisements and as the amount of information they’re being bombarded with increases, it becomes more and more important for businesses to make their content easily accessible and digestible.

That’s exactly where image-centric content comes in. With today’s technology so focused on the visual, we’re able to communicate much more effectively through the use of images. Visual content is often significantly more engaging, not to mention – more likely to be shared on social media.

3 Interesting Ways Businesses Are Using Image-Centric Content

  1. Infographics – Can be particularly useful for providing statistical information. By combining engaging images with minimal text you can easily explain in-depth ideas.
  2. Immersive Website Design – By using high definition images with fewer distractions, designers are able to create emotive designs that impact customers on a deeper level.
  3. Visually Dynamic Typography – Using graphic typography, businesses are creating more dynamic and engaging text to communicate more effectively and capture attention.

But if you’re interested in taking a more image-centric approach to your marketing, there are some easy ways that you can incorporate images without breaking the bank. 

3 Tips for Incorporating Images into Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Use Your Existing Platforms – You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use your existing social media platforms and start focusing on sharing pictures instead of text.
  2. Blog With Pictures – Use images throughout your posts to enhance the content within your blog. The images will allow the reader to keep moving through your content, staying engaged until the end.
  3. Use Image Tags – While images are great for engaging your audience, they aren’t as good for indexing. Use image tags at every opportunity to help you improve your Google rankings as well as make the images themselves more accessible.

For more information about how you can incorporate image-centric content into your small business marketing strategy, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today.

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