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Marketing AuditEvery business wants the same thing: for customers to be amazed by their business offering. But how many times have you scrutinised what your offering looks like in the public eye? Taking a moment to audit your marketing and sales tools can often reveal unknown perspectives of how your business looks from the outside. Here’s 3 quick tips to get you started!

Unify all your material

In every marketing campaign, it is vital for all businesses to present a uniform front across all mediums. Make sure all your offline advertising, print, and sales documents align with your online presence.

Your key messages must be the same or similar across the board. Your tone of voice must be consistent and all design elements must be constant too.

Visit your own website

Your website is the forefront of your online presence, and you need to make sure this is in line with your brand messages and business offering. Most people today will not buy from you before they see your website. But how many times have you looked at your own website since it launched all those months or years ago?

The key thing to watch out for is out-of-date information. Clear signs of not being updated: a stagnated social media feed, comments on blogs that are still waiting to be addressed, out-of-date product information or promotions.

Double check your audience

Sales trends shift all the time, and industry offerings are always growing and merging to reflect this. You might find that over the years, you’re getting less people buying your pot plants because all the modern businesses prefer to rent the plants along with someone to come in for regular maintenance.

If you sell prams, maybe you need to target expectant mums over new mums. Do some market research to find out who you need to be targeting, and then make sure this target audience is included in your brand’s design and messaging. If a revamp is in order, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.

For more guidance on how to evaluate and fix your marketing material, visit your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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