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catalogue mainSometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the glare of the computer screen that we can forget to consider the tried and true (offline!) methods of business advertising.

The truth is that catalogue marketing campaigns have stood the test of time and are proven to bring in more orders for your business – even in today’s online centric marketplace.

Print Preferred

A printed catalogue can be invaluable for business growth and giving your customers something substantial to hold in our increasingly virtual world can do wonders for your brand.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the Australian Catalogue Association, 70% of respondents preferred reading a printed catalogue over a digital version – and it’s not just the older generations who think so, only 15% of 24-35 year olds preferring the digital catalogue over the traditional printed version.

3 Reasons to Market Your Business with a Printed Catalogue

1. Gives Customers Something Tangible

Even in a busy digital world, people love to get their hands on something tangible. Everything you want to convey about your products and services can be communicated quickly and effectively and chances are – most of the questions customers and prospects might have will be answered within the pages too. They’re portable and designed to be picked up repeatedly with all the information your targets could possibly want at their fingertips.

2. Strengthens Ties with Your Targets

Catalogues let you have a substantial amount of time with your targets and when a prospective customer is reading your catalogue, they’re taking in your values and messaging which in turn strengthens the bond you form with them and is great for brand building. A printed catalogue that showcases creativity and innovation sends a great message about your business and can help foster brand loyalty. The accessibility of a printed catalogue is a big plus too.

3. Lets You Take Control of Your Images

A printed catalogue also allows you to have a lot more control over how your images are viewed. Sure a beautiful website studded with product hero shots is going to be good for business, but how your images are seen can vary depending on the device they’re being viewed on. But a printed catalogue is exactly the same in your hands as in anyone elses, with your stunning pictures appearing exactly as intended and none of your information is below the fold unless you put it there yourself!

If you want to create a beautiful and impactful printed catalogue to showcase your business, ask the team at your local Kwik Kopy for an obligation-free design consultation.

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