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Creative billboard advertising is an effective way to get your business noticed. Earlier this month, we brought you 5 must-see designs that oozed creativity and showcased how a billboard can raise the profile of a brand and deliver results.

One of the great things about billboard or outdoor lightbox advertising is that rather than you having to find your customers, you can be sure that if you’ve gone about it the right way – your customers and prospects will find you. So here are 5 more excellent signage examples to inspire your own creative campaigns….

5 (More) Must-See Creative Billboards

1. BIC Razor

BIC really proved that less is more when they put together this promotion for their razors. The billboard has been left blank with the exception of a small logo on the bottom right. Without this small but essential detail, the billboard might have been missed. The white background is an excellent backdrop for the oversized razor and the cut grass. The only challenge with this campaign is to nominate who is on constant lawn mowing duty.

BIC Razor


2. Slingshot

Agency Clemenger BBDO was spot on in answering their brief to create a billboard that demonstrates the danger of not wearing your seat belt in the back seat. The huge 3D slingshot included as part of this creative billboard appears to propel a passenger into the air. The impact of the imagery is very effective for getting the safety message of the campaign across.



3. Heineken

Sometimes the most creative ideas are the most simple, yet still have the desired huge impact – as demonstrated in this fabulous billboard for Heineken. Once again a 3D concept is used, this time to feature a hand that seems to be coming out of the background to grab the beer bottle. It is perfectly executed to capture the attention of all who see it.



4. Formula Toothcare 

If you want a creative billboard design that showcases strong execution and a message that jumps right out at you, then look no further than this eye-catching promotion for Formula Toothcare. Everything about this billboard, including the broken metal frame screams the tagline builds strong teeth. The end result is realistic and certain to grab the attention of any passer-by.

Formula Toothcare


5. Kill Bill 

You don’t have to be a fan of Quentin Tarantino movies to admire the creativity oozing out of this billboard. Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand didn’t hold back when promoting a local screening of Kill Bill, Vol 1. A wall, sidewalk and three white cars with drenched with an impressive splatter of blood, leaving movie goers in no doubt about what was in store at their movie screening (that is – if they had come across this amazing billboard first)!

Kill Bill

To further explore the potential of creative billboards for your business, check out our blog from earlier this month.

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