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‘Hey Dalya, how are you this morning?’ Her greeting met me eye to eye with a big smile on her face. ‘You’re having the usual?’

I had just walked in the door of my local coffee shop and she was already positioning two large cups ready for my order. I’m a regular you see and part of the reason I keep going back, other than great tasting coffee, is the personalised service I receive. Not only does she know my name, (and spells it correctly on the cup), she knows a little about my life, remembers my order AND often surprises me with a free marshmallow in my mocha – what a bonus!

Why would I go anywhere else for my caffeine fix?

What if I told you a person’s name is the greatest connection to their identity and individuality and using it can dramatically increase business?

Sure, your product and service need to be great, but trust and loyalty is built on the back of strong relationships. These relationships are about valuing your client as a person – starting with their name. 

Are you more likely to read an email addressed to YOU over a ‘Dear Valued Customer’ one?

Are you more likely to open an envelope addressed to YOU rather than ‘To The Householder’?

And are you more likely to purchase a product, listen to a song, or impulse buy a special, when you are told, ‘other people that bought that also bought this?’

The answer of course is yes Yes YES! 

The most valuable and simplest ways to encourage client loyalty are personalisation and customisation.

Coke knew it when they launched their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign choosing 150 of the most popular names in numerous countries and putting them on cans and bottles. 

Spotify knew it when they put together a playlist of songs ‘specially for you’ based on what you listened to last week.

These simple actions show your clients respect, and makes them feel special. It also gives you the opportunity to cross sell or up sell while catering to their specific needs. 

If it sounds like a lot of hard work, it’s as simple as this:

  • Include a handwritten thank you note or card with every order. Consider attaching it to your business card .
  • Put together a welcome or thank you pack customised just for them. Include interesting information, ideas and samples they haven’t bought before and might be interested in.
  • Personalise Christmas or Financial Year gifts eg. Wine bottle labels, Calendars, Notepads, To Do lists, Stickers/Labels, A5 or A4 fun signs or inspirational quotes they can display – corflute or foamboard is great for this and cost effective.
  • Personalise direct mail so they feel individual and not part of the pack.
  • Create customised campaigns that drive loyalty and reward repeat business.
  • Combine name insertion and personalised images using your email list.

Customising marketing, direct mail or email across their entire experience with you will show you are interested and keep them coming back for more. 

Watch how the dynamic changes and they become more responsive to your offerings.

Next time you engage with your client, do it personally. 

Contact your local Kwik Kopy today for more ideas and how to put your personalised plan together.

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