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PostcardsThe art of sending postcards is almost as old as the post itself. However when it comes to promoting your business, postcards certainly don’t show their age next to their contemporaries: the text message and the email. Far from past their prime, postcards hold the age-old qualities of dignified looks, elegant communication skills and money smarts.

Postcards are versatile.

With so many options available with regards to size, layout and colour, you can design a highly effective postcard for virtually any purpose. Whether you need to advertise, brand, invite, remind, promote or sell, marketing with postcards will get the job done simply and affordably.

Postcards are personal and friendly.

Perhaps it’s the associations we formed in our childhood about postcards that make them so appealing. Almost every child knows the excitement of receiving intriguing or foreign postcards from far-off friends or family. As a business owner, sending a postcard lets you partake in these associations, enabling personal and unobtrusive communication with your prospect.

Postcards last and last.

Your message won’t fade if your postcards are professionally printed and use a high grade of card stock. Unlike an email which is quickly forgotten after the next day’s load, a good-looking postcard stands out, whether stuck to your fridge at home or left on your desk. And if your postcard contains an offer of true value, like a 20% discount on services, people will certainly hold onto it.

Postcards are cost-effective.

Printing postcards is an inexpensive process, attracting a very low cost per unit. And this cost only goes down with the more postcards you print. You can reach thousands of prospective customers in a single morning – and even if you only experience a small conversion rate, postcards are sure to pay for themselves.

Postcards are easily traced.

If you use a special code on the card, or a call-to-action to relinquish the postcard in-store in return for your amazing deal, you now have a quantifiable measure of the leads and sales generated by your postcards. This makes for an easy evaluation of the ROI for every mailing.

When it comes to marketing, postcards are definitely the slow and steady winners. However, like all promotional print, you need to make good choices regarding the mailing list, paper stock, size, design and copy.

Kwik Kopy are experts in helping you plan, design and print your postcards to help you increase your prospect and customer base. For more help with postcards, visit your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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