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Calendar printingPrinting a custom calendar to promote your business can involve a whole host of decisions. For example, is a yearly calendar the best bet for your logo to stay in prime position all year round? Or what about a quarterly calendar that you can send out four times a year, to keep you fresh in your clients’ mind? Your marketing strategy, as well as your budget, should define the best choice of calendar for your business.

Which calendar to choose should depend on what you like, and what your clients will like. Printing individual, personal calendars may be ideal if your main clientele are people who work alone, either in isolated offices or independent from other colleagues. However, if your product or service is geared towards families or teams of people working together, a larger wall calendar may be more useful.

There are also more non-traditional calendars, like birthday calendars, which list the dates of the month (but not the days of the week) with space to fill in birthdays or plot appointments.
A year-at-a-glance calendar may be very useful to a person who travels frequently or only needs to know what day of the week a certain date falls on, whereas someone who needs to keep track of certain dates and appointments may appreciate a monthly pull-off calendar.

If imagery plays a big role in your business, a twelve month calendar with a different images for every month is the perfect tool for promoting. Traditionally, these calendars are saddle-stitched (stapled on the fold), and hang on the wall. There are also monthly desk calendars that are wire-bound and are easily flipped back and forth. If you can see your clients wanting to rip out images after that month has passed, wire-bound calendars are a better choice for both a wall or desk calendar.

Wire-bound pages can be put back together, rather saddle-stitched calendars that may fall apart after a page is torn out. Picking which type and format of calendar best suits your marketing strategy and promotion budget is the first and most important step of printing custom calendars.

Kwik Kopy’s experts can help you weigh up your custom calendar options, as well as guide you along the entire process design and printing calendars for your business.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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