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CalendarsPromoting your brand can be hard work – especially if you want maximum visibility day in, day out. What if you had a special marketing tool that could deliver such ongoing visibility without you needing to think about it more than once a year? There is such a tool, and it’s called a promotional calendar.

Promoting your business with custom calendar printing is effective because people keep calendars in view all the time. A calendar will stay on the wall or desk all year around, and it’s not likely to get replaced or thrown out until the following year. However like any marketing tool, you need to consider your target market and tailor your calendar printing to their needs.

Make it functional.
Your calendar printing and design must demand a spot on the wall. Not only must your calendar have attractive images and pleasing colours, it must also tell the date from the other side of the room. This means big, bold numbers – but also enough space to jot down a note or two. Nobody will pay attention to your calendar if it’s only legible from one foot away; and chances are it won’t even get hung up in the first place. As with all marketing tools, be it a business card or website, your business’s integrity will be reflected in the quality and efficacy of your calendar design and printing.

Make it personal.
Calendars come in all shapes and sizes. There are wall calendars, desk calendars, magnetic calendars, year-in-view calendars, pocket calendars, and many more. Consider what type of people you are targeting, and when you want them to see your calendar. Wall calendar printing is the easiest way to reach the most people at once, however people with their own offices might prefer a desk calendar that they can scribble on without having to get out of their chair. Magnetic calendars will most likely end up on a fridge somewhere, like the lunch room or in people’s homes – so they might function better for a business relating to socialising, home life, food or leisure. Pocket calendars are ideal for reaching people who don’t stay in one place, like university students or freelancers.

Make it yours.
The most important part of successful calendar printing is leaving your logo and contact details in a conspicuous spot. Making your logo stand out will increase the chances of your business getting first preference when the time comes. Include brief contact details, or even just a telephone number, so people won’t have to go out of their way to reach you. By making it fast and easy to get in touch with your business, you’ll already be in your customers’ good books!

Kwik Kopy provide a range of calendar printing services which can be tailored to your business needs. To find out how promotional calendars can boost your business, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy design and print Centre.

For more handy design and printing tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.

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