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Promotional_merchandiseThe biggest driver for using branded promotions is for your branding to stay front of mind with your customers. The best promotional product you can give to a customer is one they’ll use every day in the working environment. Promotional mugs and promotional pens, for example, are always popular.

Promotional products are a great way to reinforce your brand awareness every single day because promotional products can go with your customers, business partners and suppliers as they go about their day.  They are a permanent reminder, subliminally or otherwise, of the usefulness of your relationship.

The golden rule when planning a promotion is to choose items that are relevant for your audience. When you get it right, you’ll keep your branding – and business – in people’s minds longer. Ultimately, the more useful and interesting your promotional gift, the better the impression you’ll create.  A personalised promotional gift is always well received!

The promotional products market is massive, and you could easily spend hours browsing catalogues to find something special. If you offer the same kinds of promotional gifts as your competitors, you’ll need to work harder – and possibly spend more – to deliver something that is better quality and truly remarkable.

Your own exposure to what’s available may be limited, so it’s well worth engaging experts who are not only on top of promotional product trends but also have the supply chain to deliver you bang for your buck.

These days most customisable promotional products are made overseas, particularly in China, so you’ll need help with the logistics, including stock, branding processes, lead times from manufacture to delivery and price per unit.

As prices are dependent on order quantities, in some cases you might find the minimum order is a lot more than you need right now – will you really need more of the same in a year or so, or should you choose something else instead?

Most importantly, you’ll need to be confident your logo design will work on whichever items you choose – and won’t wear off.

Tips on what to consider when choosing promotional merchandise:

  • Is it relevant to the audience? Does it make sense coming from your business?
  • Will they value it? How else will they react?
  • Is it an instant reward or something they’ll benefit from day-to-day?
  • Will it help them do their own job or enhance their personal time?
  • What is the return on investment? (Not just the cost per unit)

Kwik Kopy help you choose the right promotional merchandise for your business. 

Check out our range of promotional products!

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