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With recent community transmissions causing the Government to announce snap lockdowns in different states, business owners need to be prepared more than ever, keeping in mind that a future lockdown is likely to look different to previous Covid restrictions. As businesses begin to re-open around the country and staff gradually return to the office or workplace, aspects of how your business operates will likely change. 

For many business owners the thought of moving into this new normal amidst such uncertainty brings a wave of anxiety. The transition from ‘the old way’ to ‘the new way’ can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. 

Kwik Kopy has been working with businesses just like yours for over 35 years. Today your local Centre is ready with all the essential signs and resources you will need to help make your transition simple and pain-free. Request a quote today.

Creating a COVID safe workplace can be broken down into 2 main categories:

KEEPING PEOPLE SAFE You, staff, customers, and the public

ADAPTING YOUR BUSINESS – Now and in the future

As each state government manages and enforces their own workplace health and safety, your first step is to access any relevant requirements specific to your business or industry. Now you can put together your COVID Safe plan and familiarise staff with the new protocols.

Part of your plan will be to display a variety of signs with four immediate benefits:

  • Communicating new safety and hygiene procedures 
  • Providing great visual reminders 
  • Instilling confidence and promoting your business as a COVID-Safe workplace 
  • Creatively brightening up the work environment

There are a variety of ways to display your new signs and plenty of interesting materials to choose from including, A-frames, corflute, strut cards and posters. Many provide water-resistant capabilities allowing them to be positioned inside or outside, as well as in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

Remember to include posters and signs in all shared work areas ie. reception, workshops, lunch, and meeting rooms.

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Essential signs you need

Maximum Numbers Inside 

Notices showing the maximum number of people are essential for retailers, shops, and any businesses that have people queuing or waiting. Consider an A-frame outside your premises. Using corflute inserts means they can be replaced to promote specials in the future. Large laminated signs on the windows or doors are also highly effective. 

Social Distancing

Branded posters and colourful floor decals keep everyone 1.5m apart. Making these interesting can provide informative and fun distancing reminders. 

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is here to stay and it is the first point in promoting good hygiene to employees and visitors. Consider strut cards or notices next to bottles and pumps at every entrance and exit to your business. TIP: Grab this marketing opportunity and customise bottles with a company logo sticker.

Hand washing & hygiene

Create a culture of good hygiene by also posting handwashing tips and cleaning processes on bathroom and kitchen walls.

Registration Instructions

Register contact details of customers before they enter your venue. A-frames, posters, stickers, and flyers, with waterproof options can be displayed right at the entrance of your business.


Covid-19 Registration sign

Contactless order and payment

Improve social distancing in your venue by allowing customers to order order and pay from their table. QR code stickers, table tents and table talkers are helpful tools for orders and payments which save customers from having to queue.


Covid-19 Table sticker with Qr code

The world is changing, Kwik Kopy is ready to help you professionally and effectively communicate changes to your business both internally and to the public. 

Contact us today to find out what resources you need.  

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