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In today’s busy world, business owners are looking for the most effective marketing campaigns and collateral to promote their brand. Everyone wants to find the best ways to attract customers and prospects and get a strong return on their marketing investment.

Here are some reasons why offline and online marketing both have an important role to play when it comes to raising the profile of your business. Better still, learn why a combination of offline and online marketing campaigns will help you achieve even greater results!

Why Use Offline Marketing?

Customers continue to respond well to offline marketing collateral and providing your targets with something tangible can help give your business a point of difference. Think direct mail campaigns, flyers, postcards, posters, banners, print ads and more will lift the profile of your business and promotions.

Why Use Online Marketing?

In a digital age so it stands to reason that online marketing is going to help you reach your customers. Content marketing such as blog posts, videos and infographics, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, online newsletters and social media will all help draw attention to your brand.

3 Benefits Of Combining Offline And Online Marketing

If marketing efforts are going to succeed then your business needs to be able to think like your customers and understand exactly how they access information and consume content. A blend of both digital and more traditional offline marketing methods gives you the best of both worlds and increases your chances to:

1. Stand Out From The Competition

When you use a combination of offline and online promotional campaigns you’re expanding your market reach. While your competitors are busy concentrating on the digital space you’ll have the best of both worlds to increase your brand’s visibility. You can increase brand recognition further amongst customers and prospects by ensuring your website and promotional campaigns reflect the same look and feel or your online newsletter and EDMs have the same design feel as your marketing brochures.

2. Get Your Marketing To Work In Sync

Expand the reach and effectiveness of your marketing efforts by getting your offline and online channels working together. Include your business website and email address on all marketing collateral. Drive online traffic by using print advertising to promote special offers that can be accessed online. Include QR codes on posters to drive consumers to your website or feature unique hashtags on brochures, flyers and print ads to start a conversation on social media.

3. Effectively Track And Measure

With Google Analytics at your fingertips, it makes it easy to track, analyse and optimise online marketing activities. But the web can also be used to effectively measure your offline marketing campaigns, such as setting up A-B testing to monitor the promotional headlines, special offers and other messages customers are likely to prefer. Unique tracking links (URLs) can also be used to test offline marketing and help you quantify the number of customers responding to your promotional campaigns.

For advice on offline and online marketing campaigns and promotional tools that give your brand a boost, speak to the marketing experts at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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