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callcentre1If you’ve ever been desperate to speak to a real person only to get a machine at the end of the telephone line then this is for you.

People dislike talking to machines. In our busy world, callers can get frustrated by the slowness of multiple menu options whilst older adults may struggle to follow the many instructions to get the end result they’re looking for. Menus can be too long, callers are bombarded with too much information and voice prompts can be hard to understand.

Whilst many may be turned off at the mention of a ‘call centre’ – they are operations designed to successfully handle high volumes of phone calls. And if you’re a busy small business, outsourcing to a call centre could be just the answer you’re looking for.

Time saving

Running your small business can be time-consuming and outsourcing to a call centre can be particularly useful if you have a high volume of incoming phone calls to deal with. A call centre can handle incoming calls quickly and efficiently, so when customers call with a simple query – they can get the answer they’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

Cost saving

Outsourcing to a call centre can also save your business money and take away the burden of hiring additional staff members. Using a call centre to handle straight forward calls free up your time (or your existing team) to concentrate on growing your business.

Value add

Having a reliable call centre you can outsource to from time to time can be useful for value-add services such as following up with customers to check they are satisfied with the level of service and/or products received from your business.  Call centres often operate longer hours than standard business hours, which also give you the option of offering an out of hours service.

Call centres can be a valuable resource for any busy small business. Call handlers will receive ongoing training and will be required to work to a set of standards that can give you peace of mind that they will meet all your standards and project the image you set for your business.

Your customers and prospects receive a professional greeting, get a real person to speak to and you avoid constant interruptions to your work.

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