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get higher search rankingsOptimising for Local SEO may sound daunting but it’s actually a whole lot simpler than most business owners and marketers think. You see customers and prospects are looking for your business online and if you know how to optimise your local search listings then you can help bring new customers and site visitors right to your website and business.

Now for anyone still wondering exactly what Local SEO is, how it differs from any other SEO and how are you going to get started, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you on your local SEO way.

What is Local SEO?

Basic local SEO is all about getting higher search rankings when a customer or prospect types in a specific area when searching online.

Who should be doing Local SEO?

If you’re a business who trades locally, such as a shop, restaurant, dentist, lawyer i.e. any business relying on the people in your local area to purchase from you need to invest time in local SEO.

How does it differ to SEO?

With traditional SEO, the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines relies on the number of links you get from other sites, so the more links your site gets then the higher your ranking and therefore your traffic. However, when it comes to local SEO the links from sites is only relevant to your local area which means you stand a better chance of reaching your target market by showing up in their local area searches.

6 Simple Ways to Get Started with Local SEO

  1. Target the right keywords

When it comes to local SEO, you need to start by using the right key words to help improve your search engine rankings and compete more effectively with your competition. So instead of using the keyword ‘cleaner’ when using local SEO you need to include the area you service e.g. cleaner in North Sydney.

  1. Create a local business pagesearch engine optimisation for local business

A local place page is important for your local SEO so ensure that you have a great one that is recognised by every search engine including Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Setting up your business page is straightforward – you simply ensure that you have accurate business info listed including your address, contact number and hours of operation.

  1. Include online reviews

Local prospective customers will be actively seeking out reviews on your products and services, plus search engines such as Google take reviews into consideration when it comes to high rankings. Make it easy for customers to leave feedback about your products and services by including a button on your website that makes it easy for them to post a quick review.

  1. Use great images

You’ve heard the saying a picture’s worth a thousand words and this is also true in the online world when it come to getting high local SEO ranking. You see online visitors search for images as it helps them get quick and easy information about your business. Post great authentic images of your products and services will help your business with its local SEO ranking.

  1. Integrate your social media

A social media presence is a must and a great way to interact and gain great exposure with your local community (target market). Use social media platforms to generate interest and engage your target audience. Choose sites that are relevant to your business such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (plus Pinterest and Instagram if you have lots of images) and make sure you link back to your website.

  1. Check your web page load times

Remember that if your site visitors have to wait minutes (or longer) for your pages to load then they will simply leave and click on the businesses that showed up next in their search. Don’t lose potential customers with a website that takes too long to load. Make sure that your site is visitor-friendly by being easy to navigate and boost your conversion rates by making sure your webs pages load quickly.

Benefits of Local SEO

At the end of the day, investing time and effort in Local SEO means your business stands a good chance of reaping the following rewards:

  • Helps you obtain front page ranking on search engines
  • Improves your search engine results in your local area
  • Helps increase sales leads and conversions

For help creating an effective local SEO and online strategy for your business, speak to the web and digital team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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