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We live in a fast-paced and competitive world. Things are changing faster than ever and business owners today can feel like it is a constant battle to stand out from competitors. It’s easy to feel frustrated and desperate to stay in control. It is a challenging climate where almost every market and industry are in a state of flux and uncertainty. 

The question on many business owners’ mind is, ‘How do we set ourselves apart from the rest?’

The good news is, it’s a simple answer. 

Clients are people first and foremost.

Treat them that way. They are not just a vehicle to hit your goals. Treat them as your friend and you will stand out from the pack.

A good business owner understands the key to success and customer loyalty is to build strong relationships. Customers need to feel like they matter and that you care about them and their business. 

The way to build a great relationship is to have great communication skills. 

Three most popular ways to communicate are:


Email marketing, social media and an informative, responsive website are essential tools of the digital trade. We can receive hundreds of emails each week so marketing to your clients needs to be clear, concise and relevant


Easy to read signage, vibrant flags and interesting direct mail pieces are all physically efficient ways to communicate with your clients. Keep your business front of mind with current and potential clients by letting them see visible evidence of your business. They will be less likely to visit your competitor if you are the most obvious. Signage can include a message or call to action, ‘We Are Open’, ‘Take Away and Delivery Available’ or ‘Order here’.

takeaway and delivery signage


A surprise treat by way of a promotional item, personalised notecards or just a hand-written note goes a long way. Everyone likes to feel special and this is a simple and effective way to show your clients you care. Include something special in their next order or better yet just send something by itself to remind them you are here.

Long-term relationships are built on genuine connections, not transactions.

It’s all in the little details. Take the time to get to know your client. This is another great way to identify potential problems they didn’t know they had. Express genuine interest in them and their business by asking them questions – then listen. Take notes and acknowledge non-work-related achievements such as a new baby, a promotion, or even a new puppy.

Now is a great time to pick up the phone and call purely to check in and see how they are doing. 

Effective marketing to your clients keeps lines of communication open.

Following up maintains the connection. Regular value-added touch points strengthen the relationship. 

Strong relationships ensure you have happy, loyal clients that are eager to refer you and take you with them wherever they go. 

Contact your local Kwik Kopy to see how we can help put a relationship plan together for you.

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