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Print products are an effective way to capture the attention of your audience – but it’s not all brochures and flyers. Print products can include a whole host of unique, fun and interesting pieces that will help you gain exposure for your brand and inspire action in your audience.

Take a look at these unique, trending print products for 2022

Branded Paper Cups

Let your message travel as far as your customers do with branded paper cups. Perfect for your coffee shop, cafe, restaurant or event, branded paper cups are a powerful choice for business branding. We have a range of paper cups in a choice of sizes, with our without lids. Contact us now to find out more.

Source: Jayce-O-Yesta

Customer Thanks Notes

Thank you notes have always been highly valued by customers, and in 2022 that’s as true as ever. Pop a handwritten (and branded) thank you note in your ecommerce parcels for a truly personal touch that will set you apart from the competition. We have a range of options including different card stocks and a host of beautiful finishing options that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Printed by Kwik Kopy Seaford for Hello Bowie

Magnetic Car Signs

Turn your vehicle into a roaming billboard with magnetic car signs. Easy to apply (and remove!) magnetic car signs are a fantastic way to highlight your brand while you’re going about your every day business. With full colour printing and available in a range of sizes we have the perfect car signage to suit your vehicle.

Source: Pinterest

Mini Business Cards

A reimagining of a powerful classic, a mini business card is the perfect way to connect with potential customers. A business card has always been the workhorse of advertising your business through networking and the smaller size helps to set you apart by creating something unexpected (and something that stands out in a stack of standard sized cards too).

Printed by Kwik Kopy Adelaide for George Criollo Design

Branded Water Bottles

Branded Water bottles are the perfect print marketing choice because they are used multiple times a day so your customers and prospects (and the people who share an office with them) will get regular reminders of your brand on the daily. We have a huge range of water bottles available including high end options and even collapsable options for added portability.

Source: Kwik Kopy Promotional Products – Star Performers

Branded Straw and Cutlery Sets

With so much focus on sustainability these days, branded reusable straw and cutlery sets are always a win. With single use plastics on the cutting board, straws in particular are in high demand and are the type of item that see lots of use ‘in the wild’ making them a great way to advertise your brand.

Source: Kwik Kopy Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Veggie Seed Matchbooks

Seed packs are a cute and sustainable promotional product that will inspire your customer’s green thumb and leave a lasting impression. Veggie seed matchbooks are made with biodegradable materials and include a branded outer cover with a removable seed paper swatch on the inside.

Source: The Challenger Project

Branded Face Masks

A branded face mask is a fantastic idea for marketing your business – and not just for the mask recipient, because when a customer wears your branded mask they’ll become a walking billboard for your business.

Printed by Kwik Kopy Miller Street for Ausvest Projects


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