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know your customersSocial media and content marketing is a great way to build brand credibility and customer loyalty – but to find your audience, engage them and have them captivated by your content takes time and effort. Our advice is to be patient as with consistent effort you will reap huge rewards for your business. Here are some ways to help give customer engagement a boost when using social media.

3 Tips for Increasing Customer Engagement on Social Media

  1. Find Your Audience

Before you can focus on trying to engage customers using social media, you first have to find them. Use every method possible to track down your potential audience. Check if customers are listing their social media accounts at the end of their emails, chat to them (or have your sales reps do this) about the sites they are using or even ask the question in a customer survey. Chances are there will be one or two social media sites that are more suited to your business and stand the most chance of generating leads and traffic. Facebook is a great starting point for B2C businesses and if you’re B2B, then give LinkedIn a try.

  1. Share Quality Content

Try to share something with your target audience at least once a week. It will be a bit of trial and error to begin with as you experiment with what type of content gets the most click through rates or following. Once you find what works, then use that as a guide to create more and more content. Remember, if you want to engage your audience then you need to provide content people want to read so that you build up a loyal following. Instead of only posting about company news and promos, try to offer tips about how to use your product, customer case studies, industry news or great articles you find.

  1. Make It a Two Way Street

To successfully engage your customers you need to be proactive in developing the relationship. Make it a priority to provide valuable content but don’t limit yourself to bombarding your audience with information about you, make sure you show them that you’re interested in them too. Look for ways to show your support such as promoting or retweeting something a customer has posted. Monitor social media sites for any special mentions about your business so that you can take the time to respond. Take time to communicate with your customers, ask for feedback and if you’re part of a group or forum then make a point of asking questions too.

For a social media strategy that helps engage your targets, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.


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