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Branding_for_marketingEstablishing brand identity is a crucial element in developing an effective long-term marketing plan. If you want your business to generate a great income, getting people to instinctively recognise your brand is of paramount importance.


There are many ways in which you can create a sense of brand recognition. Regardless of the techniques and promotional tools that are used, there is always one thing that they will have in common – repetition. Statistics from Stanford University show that most people need to be exposed to a company name or logo at least six times before it’s remembered. This means that when you’re marketing you shouldn’t only target new people, but people who have previously been exposed to your brand.

One of the most common ways companies repeatedly expose people to their business is by using promotional products, such as mugs, pens, and fridge magnets. By printing your brand name or logo on something that people use everyday, you’ll be able to attain a steady level of repeat exposure. It’s estimated that most people look inside their fridge around 14 times per day. Imagine the amount of times someone would see your logo if they had a fridge magnet in plain view for the whole year – 5110! For this reason a lot of companies will offer free promotional gifts to both existing and potential clients.

Multiple Channels

There are literally thousands of different ways to generate brand awareness. Whilst some companies may use television advertisements and radio slots; others may utilise the internet, or take a more traditional approach, such as hiring people to give out flyers. It’s important that you use multiple channels of advertising. If you expose your business to people using a variety of different methods you will be able to build a greater sense of trust.

Differentiation from competitors is also essential when it comes to establishing brand identity. If you’re trying to set yourself apart from the competition you should use avenues of advertising that haven’t yet been utilised by other businesses. Social networking websites provide an excellent way to keep customers and potential clients updated and consistently exposed to your brand.


If you want to succeed in business, then there is no better way to get clients than through word-of-mouth. Many businesses underestimate the power of this simple concept. Word-of-mouth may not give you visual brand recognition, but it will certainly get your name out there; and there’s no better way to gain trust than through somebody else’s recommendation. Word-of-mouth isn’t a marketing technique that can be manufactured in the same way as other methods, and must be attained by providing a quality service to customers.

The development of brand recognition should always be a crucial factor of your marketing plan if you have the intention of achieving longevity and expansion within your niche. If you want to start making your mark and haven’t considered developing your brand, then you should certainly begin making the first steps as soon as possible.

Image by Pete Zarria

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