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offlineAn effective offline marketing campaign uses tactile marketing materials and large scale visual marketing props to make a powerful impact. Offline techniques are also a great way to drive traffic to your online channels to allow you to start forming interactive and reciprocal relationships with your target market.

5 offline marketing ideas to help your business succeed:

1. Connect with Your Local Community 

Consider sponsoring local sporting teams or charity events to paint your organisation in a positive and generous light. Having a solid connection with your local community builds credibility, and is a great way to increase exposure in your local area. Outdoor signage and promotional gifts are just some ways to promote your business at community events.

2. Create a Mobile Billboard 

Car signage allows you to make your promotions portable, and is a creative and inventive way to maximise your brand exposure. Car decals are very effective, simple to use and a great way to increase visual brand recognition. Use humour to capture attention, or a play on words to make the signage more memorable.

3. Use Offline Marketing to Bring Them Online 

Try to use your offline marketing ideas to drive traffic to your online spaces, where you can start building stronger relationships with prospective clients. Use your offline channels to create demand, and your online channels to harvest that demand. Offer incentives to get customers interacting with you online, like discount codes, hidden prizes or special offers.

4. Don’t Forget Your Current Customers 

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in the next big sale that you forget to honour the customers who have brought you this far. Use promotional gifts and direct mail outs as well as loyalty discounts to show your current customers how grateful you are for their support and in turn, secure their loyalty for the future.

5. Give Them Something to Hold 

It’s increasingly rare in today’s world but still extremely effective. A creative flyer design or promotional postcard can leave a lasting impact on your audience and is a great physical reminder of your business. 

Offline marketing gives you the chance to offer a powerful visual reminder of your brand that goes beyond the tiny screen of a smartphone or laptop. To increase the overall exposure of your brand, why not speak to the team at Kwik Kopy about how offline marketing could benefit your business.


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