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Personalisation is good for businessVariable printing, also known as variable data printing, gives small businesses the opportunity to personalise their marketing materials. The personalisation technique varies in complexity from changing only the name that the materials are addressed to, to changing entire blocks of text or even images, to tailor your print run to maximise response rates and boost customer loyalty.

Personalised direct mail campaigns have a significantly higher response rate than generic mail outs, and by customising the content of your marketing materials you can effectively target customers based on their location, preferences, purchase history or even their hair colour!

Some of the direct mail materials that perform well with variable printing services include:

But variable data printing is about more than just putting the right name on the front of the letter, materials can be truly personalised at an entirely new level. Here are some ideas that might work for your business:

Include a Fun Horoscope – With just the date of birth information, you can create a direct mail letter that captures your customers attention and makes them feel like you know them.

Spend Level – Personalise rewards and sales for each customer based on their spend level and purchase history information. With variable data printing you can break your customers into levels based on their spend history and send different offers to each “level”.

Postcodes – With postcode information you can send location specific offers that will appeal to customers based on their location.

The personalisation options available with variable data printing allow you to connect with your customers in an entirely new way. To discuss your own ideas for a variable data printing direct mail campaign or to start making the most of your customer database, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today.

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