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These days almost all businesses have a strong online presence, social media marketing is more popular than ever before and most business websites now have an online store where customers can access their products or services via eCommerce.

With so much of our business lives playing out online, it’s easy to overlook more traditional forms of business marketing. But the truth is that print marketing is just as powerful as ever – and using the power of a print marketing campaign to drive traffic to your online space is a very effective way to reach (and convert) your audience.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Print Media

It’s Sensory

Print materials engage the senses in a way that online media simply can’t. When your customers hold your marketing materials in their hands they are forming a tactile memory about your brand which is something you can’t replicate with an online image.

It’s Engaging

When your customer is online they are constantly bombarded with messages, each one disappearing down their newsfeed – or into their email archives – as quickly as it arrived. Print media engages your audience in a different way, and without all that noise, your message gets heard.

It Helps Build Credibility

These days anyone with an internet connection and free email client can send out a marketing email – our bulging inboxes are proof of that. In contrast, print marketing shows your audience that you’re committed to your business, because you’ve invested in your brand, which encourages your audience to do the same.

It Works

Next time you receive print marketing materials in your mailbox take a moment to check out who they’re from. There are some huge brands with extraordinarily big marketing budgets that rely on print media to get their message out there. You know why? Because it works. It’s as simple as that!

For help creating an effective print marketing campaign for your online business, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy and find out how we can bring your ideas to life.

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