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Tis the season to spread some cheer and show your clients just how much you value their business. Christmas cards and calendars are a great way to thank customers for their loyalty with the added bonus of promoting your brand at the same time.

3 Reasons Why Sending Christmas Cards Is Good for Business

  1. It’s a chance to keep in touch with your customers, prospects and suppliers
  2. It reminds customers, prospects and suppliers of who you are and what you do
  3. It gives you an opportunity to keep your marketing lists up-to-date

How to Make a Great Impression with Your Business Christmas Card

Go for Quality

When deciding what type of business Christmas card you should send to your clients, aim for cards of the highest quality. Sending cheap Christmas cards risks looking not good for your brand image so aim for the best Christmas cards your budget will allow. At the end of the day, quality shows and the quality of your business Christmas card speaks volumes for your products or services and overall brand.



Be Tasteful

When it comes to your company Christmas card, never assume that your recipient will share your sense of humour. You may think a Christmas card design that includes a tipsy Santa is funny but now isn’t the time to discover if your clients think so too. It’s important to choose a Christmas card design that is appropriate and shows good taste. A photograph of your staff letting their hair down at your office Christmas party might seem like a good idea at the time but you never know what your audience will think once they open that envelope.


Show Good Judgement

Remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas so try to be respectful of your clients’ beliefs and avoid blatant endorsements of religion when it comes to your Christmas card design. A generic holiday theme and a message such as Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays helps you err on the safe side. Being sensitive and sincere with your audience is important, so if you know your client celebrates the festive season then it is entirely appropriate to wish them a Merry Christmas.

What about inside your Business Christmas Card?

Taking time to put pen to paper and include a brief handwritten personal message to your client could reap huge rewards for your business in the future. Rather than sticking to Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings, use the opportunity to personalise your message and make a comment specific to the individual. Try drawing on a shared experience for message inspiration or a simple sincere message such as – Hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and your family, John!

Keep Your Business Top of Mind with Branded Calendars

If you want to make a lasting impression, then a branded calendar can be the gift that keeps on giving. A branded calendar is the perfect way to keep your business top of mind and ensure your brand stays in front of your customers, prospects and suppliers every day of the year.

Remember that you don’t need to limit yourself to just sending Christmas cards and calendars to customers alone, as your suppliers, prospects and other contacts will appreciate the gesture too.

Check out Kwik Kopy’s wide range of quality Christmas cards, eCards and calendars for your business which can all be printed with your logo and selected message.

For advice on the right festive solution that will see you strengthen relationships well into the New Year, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today.

Need more Christmas inspiration? Check out these inspiring Christmas adverts.

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