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These days it’s easy to forget how powerful print marketing can be when it comes to advertising your brand. Sure you need a strong online presence and a great website that gets sales, but investing in print materials can increase brand awareness, support your online strategy and catapult your brand to success.

Why you’ll still need print marketing in 2022

It compliments your online presence

It’s likely that your audience spends a lot of time online. But are they spending their online time with YOUR BUSINESS? The thing about the internet is that although we spend hours online, most people frequent the same old spaces. Creating physical materials like flyers, brochures and stickers can reach your audience in the real world, so that they know what you do, where to find you, and why you’re an online space they should visit.

It strengthens your brand

There’s a certain credibility that comes from printed business materials. These days it’s easy to make a website, and new businesses are popping up all over the internet (some more reputable than others). Printed materials show your customers that you’re the real deal, and that you’re investing in your brand in concrete ways, which gives your brand a sense of deeper integrity than an online presence alone.

It supports your digital marketing campaigns

There’s no denying that online marketing is a powerful tool, but balancing your online campaigns with real life printed materials can make your online campaigns exponentially more powerful. Print materials can reinforce the messaging in your email campaigns, direct traffic to your website and cut through the noise of all the online ads by reaching out in an unexpected way.

It can capture attention

When it comes to online spaces, we have a certain ‘advertising blindness’. We’re all bombarded with so many ads that we’ve learned how to recognise (and unconsciously tune out) that level of advertising – it takes a lot to get our attention online. Real life outdoor advertising hits differently.

It’s sustainable

Print marketing doesn’t have to have a big carbon footprint. With a host of sustainable print options including recycled paper, water based inks and biodegradable toner, you can make a big impact on your customers without making a big impact on the environment.

It appeals to the senses

Using printed materials in your marketing campaigns allows you to physically interact with your customers in a way that simply isn’t possible using digital advertising. Real life materials compels your audience to interact with your brand in a physical way, by holding your materials and feeling the weight of the paper in their hands you’re appealing to their senses in a more tangible way, which creates a more solid imprint of your brand in their mind.

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