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word of mouthCreating a effective marketing strategy for your small business can be costly, but not all marketing needs to break the bank, in fact one of the most compelling forms of marketing is also the most cost effective.

Word of mouth marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for your business and in the age of social media it’s easier than ever before for people to share their experiences with their family, friends and peers.

So how you can maximise word of mouth marketing?

5 Tips for Increasing Word of Mouth

1. Target Influencers 

Find people who influence your target demographic and reach out to them for support. Be on the lookout for popular bloggers who might review your products, or people who are particularly active on social media and have lots of followers. 

2. Exceed Expectations 

Rather than talking about all the reasons why your business is great, try to take your customers by surprise. Instead of advertising every little perk you offer, surprise them with unexpected shipping upgrades, bonus products or special deals.

3. Mutual Referrals 

Promote relevant products within your networks, and if you know of someone who would benefit from one of your customers services let them know. Create a trend of mutual referrals that will benefit not only you, but everyone in your networks.

4. Build Relationships 

The bigger influence you have on someone’s life, the more likely they are to talk about you, so make sure you’re connecting with your customers in a meaningful way. Solve problems, add value to their lives, and always be honest and approachable.

5. Ask

Sometimes all you have to do to get a referral is to ask for one. If you’re confident that someone will have positive things to say about your business, ask them to tell a friend, and be sure to thank them when they do. If you like, you can also offer discounts for each referral as an incentive.

Like any other marketing strategy, effective word of mouth marketing requires a targeted approach. If you need some help coming up with ideas to increase word of mouth for your business contact the team at Kwik Kopy today.

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