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SEOCustomers and prospects expect to find your business online and if you can’t be found easily, then it’s impossible to stay ahead of the competition.

For small businesses to really succeed in an online world, it’s essential to get the most out of search engine optimisation (SEO).

4 SEO Tips to Improve Your Web Presence

  1. One Domain Name

Plenty of businesses make the mistake of creating multiple websites for each project, promotion or event. But it’s far more effective (and easier) for a small business to establish its brand and build recognition using just one domain (rather than multiple) and create dedicated pages within the one site.

  1. Three Targeted Keywords Per Page

Create a shortlist of specific keywords for each page of your site and include 3 targeted keywords per page to yield a good result. It’s important to intersperse your chosen keywords and phrases as naturally as possible through your text to make sure your content reads well.

  1. Text with Images, Videos and Audio

It’s important that all of the pages of your website include text on them in order for search engines to identify them. Include text beneath your images and if you run video on your site, think about including a transcript of the video on the same page (same for audio).

  1. Links to your Web Pages

The more links you have to your pages then the better, but don’t making the mistake of seeking links just to the homepage of your site. Remember, if your visitors are looking for something specific then it’s important to send them to where they can find it than have to search aimlessly.

For help positioning your website to achieve real business results, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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