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Email marketingEmail marketing can be an effective way to reach both customers and prospects and it’s important to get it just right. One wrong move into your target audience’s already full to the brim inbox will see them reaching for the delete button.

Here at Kwik Kopy, we love to celebrate email marketing campaigns that provide your targets with something that is innovative and/or of value to them.

Deliver something with appeal and you’ll not only get your email marketing open and read but you’ll successfully engage your audience too.


1. Email Marketing is about Personalisation

An email such as this one from AmazonLocal is concise with just one call-to-action. Simply click through the email to tell them your likes and dislikes. The idea behind this is that they can then tailor deals and messages in line with what their customers want.  Using your data to personalise your email marketing will successfully engage your audience and optimise your campaign. Use your database to insert your customer or prospect’s first name for communications that makes a personal impact on the recipient.


2. Remind People Who You Are

Your audience won’t always remember who you are (on more occasions that you would care to admit) so using an approach such as this email from Zizinya Web Solutions is a great lesson in reminding the recipient all about you. Check out how the first paragraph lets your target know why they are being contacted. The reference of a download they previously made helps to make an all important connection that will increase your chances of achieving click-through.

Remind people who you are

3. Promote Your Referral Program

Email marketing is the perfect medium for ongoing communication with engaged targets. It’s important to keep the dialogue going with them and this email from ModCloth promoting their referral program is the perfect example of how to promote benefits you offer your customers.

Referral program

4. Get To The Point

You’re always going to find fans of email marketing that include calls to action that get straight to the point or those that create a sense of urgency. This email from Focus Pointe Global, for example, provides the recipient with all the information they need right at the start so that they can decide whether they want to engage further.

Get to the point


5. Communicate Any Changes To Your Policies

Your customer understands that your business is evolving which can also mean a change to the way you do things. This email from ModCloth is an awesome example of a brand that cares enough to inform their customers about changes. Check out how they communicate an update to their email policy via email…

Change to email policy


If you want to create a successful email marketing campaign for your customers, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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