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Benefits of bloggingWe no longer live in a world where a simple business website is enough. These days, anyone using the internet to help market their business should have a blog. The benefits of blogging are numerous!

In fact, small business owners are seeing tremendous benefits from blogging and from a practical point of view, it just makes sense.

With minimal effort and expense you can reap huge rewards from creating a blog for your small business.

Here Are Five of the Biggest Benefits of Blogging

Develop relationships with customers and prospects – By including questions for your readers at the end of your blog posts or allowing comments and feedback, you have the opportunity to create a rapport with your audience as well as gain further insight into the needs and interests of customers and prospects.

Boost SEO – Google loves websites that are continually updated and by blogging you make sure of that constant fresh content. What’s more, by using the right keywords within your posts, you can help your site rank higher in search results when those keywords are used in search engines.

Increase your website traffic – A business blog on your website provides you with a secondary location to target new visitors and move traffic to other parts of your site (e.g. online store, products and services) through in-content links and links in your navigation.

Establish your business as an industry leader – Blogging lets you show off your expertise in particular areas and as you build up your reputation for providing consistent and useful information you will gain credibility, build up a following and become the “go to” resource.

Connect people to your brand – You will get to show a personal side of your business to customers and prospects through your blog posts. It’s an opportunity to give readers a true sense of your company values, vision and personality.

Remember, every time you add a new post there is a chance that your audience will share it with others. Here at Kwik Kopy, we think it’s definitely worth it for every small business to invest the time to add a blog to their website. If you’re keen to build your company’s online presence, why not speak to us today.

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