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These days personalisation is the key to success when it comes to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) campaigns. It is what is going to help heighten your brand reputation online, boost website traffic and drive sales. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to your online customer. You have those who only go for brands that they trust whilst others are constantly on the lookout for a bargain.

Smartphones and tablets also make it possible for consumers to be online all the time. These are the people who want their online experience to be as close a real-world experience as it possibly can. They want to feel that you have tailored their online experience just for them and that’s what personalisation is all about.

4 Reasons Why Personalisation in CRO is Essential

Understand your Audience

If you’re going to convert site visitors into customers it’s essential to make a connection with them. This means fully understanding your customer demographic and their online habits. Do they use desktop, mobiles, tablets or a combination of the three? Is pricing a factor in their online purchase decisions? Know the answers to these questions and respond with content personalisation.

Data is Key

It’s not enough to rely on your own intuition about your target market when it comes to building your brand presence online. A/B and multivariate testing is a must to give you the data you need to help you define your audience and tailor content accordingly. This will ensure increased visitors, higher conversion rates and more repeat business contributing to your business success.

Go Mobile

Mobile customers continue to increase each year so if your site doesn’t look great on a smartphone or tablet then you’re not going to win in the CRO war. Making sure you have a mobile website that works across all available platforms will put you in the running for your share of mobile and is yet a further example of you responding to your customers’ needs.

Remember to be Social

If your customers are using social networks then you need to remember to include that as part of your personalisation strategy. Many brands enjoy success interacting with customers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Find out where your customers are and adopt a social presence to help contribute to increased sales and conversion rates.

Understanding your customer demographic and providing personalised relevant content that caters specifically for their needs is a winning formula. Take these four factors into consideration when planning your CRO campaign and you’ll be on the right track to building brand loyalty and ongoing business success.

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