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Blog-title-marketingBlog posts are an effective way to drive traffic to your business website and each time someone visits your blog you have an opportunity to spread the message about your products and services, strengthen your brand and build loyalty from customers and prospects.

An area frequently overlooked when it comes to delivering more traffic is the blog headline. When writing a blog post, you want to connect with your audience from the very first time they come across your article.  Get your blog title right and you increase your chances of your content being found, read, followed and shared.

So rather than neglect your headline, make sure your blog title is compelling and includes keywords plus a clear topic that is going to appeal to your target reader. Let’s take a closer at how to create a blog title that appeals to your audience and gets your business noticed.

3 Simple Tips for Creating a Catchy Blog Title

  1. Include numbers

Number work well in blog titles but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the number you choose. Three (3) to five (5) points is often as much as people remember or have time for (alternatively, you could try a more random number e.g. 13, 29, 101 –  to help you stand out from the crowd).

Example: Seasonal Marketing Tips

Improved: 5 Seasonal Marketing Tips

  1. Add attractive adjectives

Adding an appealing or eye-catching adjective is one of the easiest ways improve your blog titles.  Think about words that are going to spark the interest of your audience and encourage people to click on your content.  Here are 10 attractive adjectives to get you started – amazing, easy, efficient, free, fun, incredible, powerful, recommended, successful, valuable.

Example: Seasonal Marketing Tips

Improved: 5 Valuable Seasonal Marketing Tips

  1. Use call to action words


Call to actions are another tried and tested way to create a great blog title that gets your blog post noticed and makes a person want to read on. Call to actions to use in a blog title include, for example –  build, create, discover, drive, learn, maximise, overcome, prove, save time, try this (these).

Example: Seasonal Marketing Tips

Improved: Try these seasonal marketing tips to give business a boost

Positive words, such as easiest, fastest, strongest have been known to work in blog titles but remember to avoid making false promises. At the end of the day, you’ll attract a lot more traffic if your blog titles accurately represent what your content offers.

For more advice on how to increase your online presence, speak to the web and digital experts at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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