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Email MarketingYour email inbox is probably like the inbox of most of your customers – filled to the brim with marketing emails that won’t get opened.

You know from your own experience that most marketing emails get bumped off to the trash without a second glance.

So how can you make sure your marketing emails are some of the few that get opened?

Top 5 Tips to Get Your Marketing Emails Opened AND Read

  1. Avoid the Spam Folder – Ask your readers to add your address to their “safe senders list” to make sure you don’t end up getting sent to a spam folder. Be cautious about purchasing email lists, whilst they may seem like an answer to capturing new prospects, they can be littered with dead emails and spam traps.
  2. Create a Great Subject Line – Ideally you would like, eventually, for your readers to enjoy your content so much that they will open your emails because they like them, but in the meantime you’ll need to lure them in with a great subject line. Keep it short – under 50 characters works best – and be clear about the content of your email so they know what they’re getting into.
  3. Use Numbers – Use numbers in your text and email subject line (7 or 9 as opposed to seven or nine) to stop a roaming eye that might be scanning your content and recapture their attention.
  4. Keep it Short – Keep your email content as short as possible. Your audience is probably as time poor as you are and they don’t want to invest time in reading a bulky email. Break up the content with pictures, lists and white space so that your content becomes something they can read quickly.
  5. Leave the Unsubscribe Until the End – You need to give your customers the option of unsubscribing from your list, but leave the option until the end so that they at least have the chance to get lured in by your great content before they hit “unsubscribe”. Having the option at the start of your email just reminds them that they have the option, before they’re invested in what you have to say.

For more tips on creating a successful email campaign, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today.

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