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convertvideosIt’s no secret that video content is a powerful tool for engaging customers and driving sales. Well the good news is that creating a great video is much easier than you think.

These days there are a host of software options to help you create high quality videos without a fuss. Combine this with a great range of video sharing sites like Vine and Instagram – and video content is more accessible to the average user than ever before.

But there’s more to video content than writing a script, so before you get started on the filming, editing or hosting, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first:

  1. What is my goal?
    Do you want to increase sales? Collect leads? Build brand recognition? Before you can figure out how to create the perfect video – you do need to decide what you’re hoping to achieve. 
  2. Who is my audience?
    Crafting an effective message – no matter your medium – requires knowledge about who the message is for. So be sure to define your ideal audience member. 
  3. What is my message?
    The most successful videos are less than 3 minutes long – so you need to have a clear idea about what you’re trying to communicate in order to communicate it clearly. 
  4. What action do I want the audience to take?
    Every piece of content you produce for your business should have a clear call to action included and that goes for your video content too. Make it clear and make it actionable.

Once you have answers to these four questions – then you can start to focus on the content, tone and style of your video. Remember to think about the kind of content you yourself are likely to share with friends and family – or the type of content you seek out on a regular basis. 

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