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GamificationGamification is the act of incorporating gaming dynamics into non-game environments and as a marketing strategy it’s really quite ingenious.

From basic loyalty programs through to complex gaming systems, gamification allows you to engage customers in exciting and often compelling ways.

It turns out us humans have an in-built drive to compete and gamification allows users to do just that. They get to compete against themselves (their friends or even other invisible users) and all the while building up a positive association of your brand.

3 Great Examples of Marketing Gamification

1. Nike+ Fuelband

All it takes is the use of a mobile app and the Nike+ Fuelband for users to be able to track their daily activity in real time. The Nike+ Fuelband stores information about daily movements and compiles data about physical achievements so that users are able to compete with themselves – and motivate themselves – in new and powerful ways.  Take a look at the inside story…


2. McDonalds Monopoly

Dating back to 1987, McDonalds has been using gamification to engage their customers. By joining forces with Monopoly and offering some great prizes, McDonalds has created a gaming experience that not only captures a customer’s attention – but their imaginations too! Check out their ad to see how it works…


3. Magnum Temptation

Perhaps the most enviable gamification example yet. Magnum teamed up with some of their brand partners to create a digital online gaming platform that was played not just on their own website, but on other brand pages across the Internet. Users explored various partner sites, having adventures and collecting chocolate along the way. The game was so popular that the Magnum game link became the most tweeted URL in the world. Learn more…

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