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Mobile marketingJust as you get your online lead generation strategy figured out, along comes an extra layer of complexity with your target audience spending all day on their smartphone. All that content you’ve cleverly placed behind a form on a landing page is the perfect solution for the desktop user but now it needs to be adjusted to work for the mobile population too.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean creating brand new content for your mobile audience, all you need to do is tweak what you already have and before you know it you’ll have an efficient way of reaching your mobile customers and prospects.

It’s important to know how to optimise content to effectively reach your mobile audience, just follow your A, B, Cs…

A. Articles

Remember that people don’t always get to the end of articles, so make sure you don’t put your punch line there. It’s important they understand the purpose of your article from the start – so remember to front-load your content with links to lead generation content

B. Be Bold

Mobile content should always be easy to digest. Concise copy with bold, short (not to mention) tweetable headlines.

C. Content

Always test different content types to check out what performs best with your mobile audience and work out what they’re most likely to read in full. Learn what style of articles they like – maybe ‘how to’ articles or even a ‘list’. Once you have it figured out, you can put your time and energy into creating the content your mobile visitors want and need.

The Progressive Profiling Form

Progressive profiling is all about replacing form fields that have already been filled out the next time a potential lead is on your website. This lets you space out the amount of information you’re collecting at any one time with the added bonus that your forms can be shorter. If you host progressive forms on your web content, you are optimising your mobile presence for higher conversions.

Other tactics to help generate leads with mobile marketing include offering discounts, promotions and customer loyalty schemes and even promoting these through a simple text campaign. Remember it’s all about creating a user-friendly experience for the mobile customer – so always include simple calls-to-action and to make your phone number clickable.

For more information about optimising your content for mobile lead generation, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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