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Get smart with content marketingWhile traditional marketing is still powerful in the advertising world, today’s savvy consumer is getting better at blocking out these messages. The popularity of the internet has also brought with it a trend of consumers researching products & services before making a purchase and your website has to empower these self-informed customers. Content Marketing is about providing answers to your website visitors questions, because if you don’t answer their questions, another business will!

Smart marketing is about HELP not HYPE.

Author: Jay Baer, Youtillity

Why is content marketing so important?

With the barrage of messages in the market place, today the way to successfully attract prospects is not to interrupt them with your messages, but to create content that is actually useful and informative.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing has one purpose, attracting buyers. Unlike paid advertising where you’re attempting to interrupt buyers from whatever they are doing, the goal of content marketing is to attract buyers who are already searching for solutions to problems they have.

To succeed with content marketing you need to shift your perception from “How can we sell to them” TO “How can we help them”.

arrowCheck out these content marketing campaigns from 5 big brands for inspiration.

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