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viral mayThe world of small business has changed and in order to reach your audience you need to engage in online marketing. These days video is one of the most popular mediums with over 40% of Internet users watching videos.

In fact, anyone can create videos to upload to the internet, but with over 100 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s important to know how to make your video popular.

Here are 5 tips to get you started…

Content is King

The content of your video is what is going to get people talking and make them want to share it – so it should both make an impact and be relevant to your audience. Make it easy to understand and decide on the right hook for your business i.e. informative or funny and entertaining.

Sharing is Caring

Get the content right and your audience will want to make sure your video is in circulation. People share when something has brought out a particular reaction or emotion and they want to pass this on to friends and colleagues so make sure your videos are the ones that makes an impression.


Don’t just limit yourself to one video, try to create as many as your budget permits. Remember to set brand guidelines for your videos and maintain consistency in the message and tone. Something that is easily recognisable with your audience is going to create a lasting impression not just for your videos, but for your brand.


You want your videos to be seen so give the process a helping hand so that your target audience finds you. Think about starting a YouTube channel for your business, host the video on your website, share it socially via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or embed in your company eBulletin.

Getting Talked About

Of course, once you’ve found your viewers you want them to talk about your brand (and in a way that is relevant to them and their peers). They are the people who will become the advocates for your business – true brand fans!

Encourage your audience to post comments, so that others know your video is the one to watch and of course so that Google knows your video is popular too!

Follow these tips and before you know it your small business video will be on its way to going viral!

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