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Dos and DontsEvery small business hopes for a high performance website that gets top billing with all search engines, but just what exactly do you have to do to achieve great results?

The following helpful hints – the DON’Ts and the MUST DOs – will help create web content that attracts visitors.

Top 3 Don’ts


Sometimes there is nothing more startling than clicking onto a website with auto-start sound. Whilst music may be needed to achieve your desired effect – make sure your ‘turn off sound’ button is clearly visible so that your visitor has the option to turn it off.

Background Images

You don’t need a background image when trying to create a professional look for your website – in fact, they can slow down the load time on your site.  Have a look at well-known sites such as Google and Amazon and you’ll see how a site can be effective without them.

Splash Page

A splash page (welcome or entry page) gives visitors the option of whether they choose to enter once they find your website and makes it one step harder for people to engage with your business. Try to avoid roadblocks on your website at all costs.

Top 3 Must Dos


Make sure it’s easy for your visitors to find their way around your site by including a navigation bar at the top of each page. If your pages need scrolling then adding a side navigational bar. Links at the bottom of the page will also help ensure that your site is user-friendly.

Easy to Read Text

Make your text large enough and easy to read and remember that the use of space between lines also improves readability. The backgrounds you choose for your site should contrast with the text colour you use, whilst italics, bold or colour can be used to emphasise any information.

‘Home Page’ Link

Remember when visitors surf your site they may often want to return to your homepage and the back button in their browser may not take them straight there. Make it an easy process for your visitor by including a ‘home’ link (or button) in your menu bar on every page.

Finally, always make sure people know how to get in touch with you by providing contact information or a contact link on every single page.

For more information on websites that attract visitors to your business, speak to your local Kwik Kopy today.

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