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ratings, reviews and testimonials are great for seo and conversionCustomer reviews can be great for your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. In fact, almost two thirds of your potential customers will read an online review before deciding to make a purchase from you. With these types of figures proving just how much user reviews can help drive your sales it’s important to understand just how and why you can use customer reviews to boost your SEO and conversions.

3 Ways Customer Reviews Help your SEO and Conversions

  1. Create New Unique Content

Search engines love new unique content that is kept fresh on a regular basis and customer reviews are the perfect way to help generate additional content. In fact, user-generated content such as reviews can help your product pages stand out from the crowd and if your pages are deemed to be more useful to customers and prospects then chances are you’re going to rank better in the SERPs (search engine results page).

  1. Improve your Product Name Rankings

For many consumers the presence of customer reviews is an important part of their online purchases. Again, almost two-thirds of consumers would read online reviews before purchasing technology products such as cameras and MP3 players. What this means for your business is that in addition to the product name, online purchasers will probably include words such as review or ratings in their searches. If you have plenty of reviews on your website then you stand a really good chance of this traffic landing on your site.

  1. Help Increase your Click-through-Rates (CTR)

If you’re able to format your customer reviews correctly then this feedback can help improve click-throughs from the SEO page. Here are our top two (2) SEO considerations when it comes to user reviews.

  • Feature reviews across site pages
    The breadth of your content is an important consideration when it comes to SEO. By including user reviews on as many different pages of your website as possible you increase your chances of ranking well for this content.
  • Allocate a Single Page and Single URL
    Your user-generated content must appear in text form in the HTML if it is going to be found by search engines. But remember it’s important that a complete review appears on single page with a single URL, although snippets of feedback or reviews can be promoted on your homepage or appear on other pages such as a category page of your website.

Finally, don’t forget that bad reviews can also be good for business too as they help add an element of credibility as people tend to trust the opinions they see and recent studies show that companies bold enough to feature negative feedback can help improve their conversions by up to 67%.

For help maximising your SEO and website conversions, speak to the web and digital team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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